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Firstly thank you @corwin42 for the great Android Wear WatchFace library. The library works great, it's sooooooooooooooooooo easy to use that it makes creating watch faces a complete breeze.

The images below says it all.
While my main work has slowed down a bit, I thought that I would create a watch face for my myself. Four and a half hours later and I had created V1 of this TIX clock watch face, it will also work on square watches faces too according to my emulator. B4A (formally known as Basic4Android) really does make programming for all Android powered devices a breeze. I've put in about 4 or maybe 5 more hours of coding since creating V1, thus I added more screen shots below to show the extra features that I've added.

As some of you already know, I like TIX clocks and I have a couple of actual wooden TIX clocks in my house (in my lounge and kitchen). In 2015 I created my first TIX clock widget for Android smartphones for myself which I then uploaded onto the play store, now I've developed a matching smartwatch face that I've uploaded onto the on-watch Play Store for smartwatches.

The first six images below are actual screen shots taken from my smartwatch, the top two images shows 2 out of 4 active battery meters instead of text like in the photo (text has now been completely removed), the battery power percent can be displayed within the battery image itself, there's also a watch face configuration screen.

TIX watch face using squares with date, active battery image and battery percent.

TIX watch face using circles with an active battery level line. Circles looks smoother on a watch.

TIX watch face with no extra options selected, can select circles too.

Options screen using a scrollview.

Colour option - Set individual digit colours.

Set a TIX digit colour (In this case the first hour digit is red).

Here's the watch face running on my watch before I replaced the bottom text with the battery readings.

Now my watch screen matches my phone screen. I actually use the small circles layout on my phone :).

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Johan Schoeman

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Without me having to google the do you read this clock? Purely count the number of "highlighted" squares in each "block"? Is the time in the first pic that you have posted 12:55?

Peter Simpson

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how do you read this clock? Purely count the number of "highlighted" squares in each "block"? Is the time in the first pic that you have posted 12:55?

Yes thats 100% correct @Johan Schoeman :)

The time of the first screen shot is in fact 12:55pm during the day, it's a 24 hour clock. If it was at night time (past midnight), the first 2 sections would be blank (just grey) and all you would see would be the 5 & 5 (the last 2 blocks, blue and red).

How to read a TIX Clock:
The time 12:34 which is 1234, or 1 dot (Red), 2 dots (Green), 3 dots (Blue), 4 dots (Red). It really is that simple to read the time.