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Hello , first my congratulations about b4A and b4i and b4j AMAZING JOB !!!

I have some questions about b4i. I have a Laptop with windows 8.1 64 bit original , with 16GB RAM.
In the near future i want to buy B4i ( i can't afford MAC ) .

The questions are :

a) Can i use B4i without a mac ?

b) I shaw that Hosted Mac Builder , can do the job , but there is a limit of 15MB . If my program exceeds this limit what can i do , because i made a equivalent database with b4A ?

c) Shall i install XCode ? ( This is fo mac as i know )

d) The .ipa file where can i find it after compilation and how can i share it ?

e) The code is similar with B4A and it's easy to transform it to B4i ?

f) Where can i see the compiled program ? Is there an emulator because i don't have iphone or ipad ?

Many , many thanks Enthousiastic


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You should've asked this in the B4i forum actually but here's some answers...

a: Yes

b: I was not aware of this, I guess that will change?

c: Only if you want to locally build, b4i only needs java and certificated generate on the apple dev site to compile with the hosted compiler

d: there is a download release option in the menu

e: it depends on the project

f: you need a real device to test it and to link it to your account, apple's stuff is really secure
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