Toggle Tray Notify Icon 'IS POSSIBLE' in b4ppc :-)


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Ok, still Beta, and needs a few bugs ironing out.

Before I continue :)
@Agraham, You said this can't be done, on the device, (ish). It can, because I've done it :sign0060:

I think the bugs are in the way I handle my dll and B4ppc code.

The icon toggles fine, but, I must have a msgbox after each click to ask if the icon should be disposed or not. If I don't dispose it,
before closing the program, (EDIT: Which I obviously don't have the option),
the icon creaps left on the tray the next time I run the program, unless I soft reset.

Question: How do I add a contextmenu to the Icon with a, exit(and dispose) method ?

I'll post my beta test results tomorrow ;)
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