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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by Zakerg, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Zakerg

    Zakerg Member Licensed User

    Just updated my two apps Traffic 2035 Six Car and Traffic 2035 Ten Car to Version 2.0

    I implemented several helpful improvements from andymic's comments such as animated title screen, MPH/KPH selection, weblink, back arrows etc. The original versions included one vehicle starting sequence used over 16 levels. Random and Custom Modes are now added to increase game levels and available starting sequences.

    Version 2.0 Changes

    - Added Random Mode
    16 additional levels
    Up to 720 random start sequences/level in Six Car
    Up to 3.6 Million random start sequences/level in Ten Car
    - Added Custom Mode
    16 additional levels
    Up to 720 programmable start sequences/level in Six Car
    Up to 3.6 Million Programmable start sequences in Ten Car
    - Added a Mad Dash option for pedestrian robot & robot scoring changes
    - Increased robot speed to be more competitive with increased vehicle speeds
    - Points per vehicle now increase with difficulty for each additional vehicle started
    - Minor changes to music and new robot scoring sound effects

    Hopefully the changes make game play more interesting. Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Title Screen.png Robot Mode.png Custom Mode.png Random with 10 Car Club.png
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  2. andymc

    andymc Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Good game. Not played anything like that before. I like that the music is in time with the cars.
  3. Zakerg

    Zakerg Member Licensed User

    andymc, thank you for your comments and checking it out.
  4. andymc

    andymc Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Was it written using LibGDX? Is the game much easier if the cars run slower. If you ran the cars slower you could add some nice particle effects for the car exhausts. What about having some levels where some cars turn corners?, or add motorbikes and buses as vehicles.
    Some better feeedback:
    Speed options screen, just have one button that changes test from MPH to KPH wich MPH or KPH? written above it. Also, I'm not sure you need the concept of scale speed below it, no-one is going to read that.

    Story screen: centre the text, add a weblink to TEN car on the play store with a graphic icon.
    Info and Story should be on same screen

    Level select screen: back arrow should point left not right as this is normal for all apps and games
    Again, bottom text for TEN CAR should be a link to the play store
    pressing back key on level select should go back to main menu, not quit game completely

    An animated backdrop on the title screen would be good, maybe have an intersection with cars driving through it playing out behind the menu options. And make all the menu options a vertical list down the screen, by merging the info and story buttons that just four buttons, have the config cog at the bottom right of the screena nd remove the quit button.
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  5. Zakerg

    Zakerg Member Licensed User

    Thank you for the detailed review. The game was written using Jim Browns Game Sprite Library. It started initially trying to make his cars moving across the screen example go faster. I did make 3 attempts to use LibGDX when I experienced lag problems and other issues. Somehow it just did not click for me though I know it offers greater possibilities, collision detection etc. I intend to spend more time trying to understand it.
    Running the game slower could make it easier but it requires three laps to validate a car start since crashes can still happen on the second lap. I thought people would lose interest if they had to wait even longer for the next car to appear. I know more exciting collision, exhaust etc. would be possible with LibGDX but my brain is not there yet.

    There are other traffic games that manipulate cars through intersections with turns and normal traffic functions and I am not sure I could do something that was better.

    I tried adding larger vehicles, a semi truck, but making it proportional in size to other vehicles caused various problems, it was so wide it crashed into the robot standing on the curb even though they did not physically touch and if it came up as diagonal running vehicle it severely limited the other possible car starts. The game is set up so that the different vehicles start in different slots each time you start the game from the icon. In the ten car version there are motorcycles, van, pickup truck, Jeep and mini car. Widening the streets slightly would help with getting a larger vehicle to work.

    You are right about a better way to handle the MPH/KPH change, scale speed explanation, handling of the Story and Info. I will add the links as you suggested.

    Getting the levels screen to function properly proved more challenging than I anticipated. I should have spent more time on the opening screen to make it more appealing. The idea of an animation in the background and improving the menu layout should help.

    Thank you for your comments. So far most of my reviews have been from friends and family. While their support is great, it does not always help you make something better next time Thanks Again.
  6. Zakerg

    Zakerg Member Licensed User

    Updated my apps Traffic 2035 Six Car and Traffic 2035 Ten Car to Version 2.0
    The changes have been added to the first post.

    Hopefully the changes make game play more interesting. Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
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