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I am having a little difficulty in testing B4PPC against NSBasic.
In the latter running the user code transfers it to the device and runs it.
B4PPC runs it on the desktop which is fine, but is it a 100% accurate representation?
Apart from compiling, or simply copying the code manually to the device via Activesync and presumably loading it into B4PPC and use Run, is there another way to transfer and run?
Simply copying via Activesync-Explore resulted (when clicked to run B4PPC) resulted in 'No program is associated ...'
A hint would be appreciated.:sign0163:

The reason for this question is that it seems cumbersome to have to manually copy and load into B4PPC to test, when perhaps you know of a way that I can't find in the docs.
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This is not 100% accurate as it isn't an emulator.
Most of the things are the same but there could be small changes.
It is recommended to save your files under the synchronized folder. That way your files will automatically be updated both on the device and the desktop.
See this thread:
On the device you should first run Basic4ppc and then load the source code.
You will probably find that it is much easier to write and test your code on the desktop, and from time to time run it on the device.
It is possible to add a feature that will launch the application on the device (from the desktop) but without debugging.


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Thank you for that Erel. This leads to the question, can the Microsoft emulator be used?


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Thank you specci48


I like what NSBasic does where it just creates an annoying popup alerting you that you're using an unregistered version when the program is run on the ppc.

I didn't like how I couldn't see what the result was on my ppc either. I picked Basic4ppc because I favored the language over NSBasic.