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Hi There

I need to transfer info, such as contact information, or a business card between 2 phones, whether both are iPhones, or Android or a mix of the 2.

I would like the info to be transferred by placing the 2 phones close to each other (or facing each other) and set one in receiving mode and the other in sending mode

I wanted this to be as quick as a scan and requires no setup by the user:

1. So far I am using QR codes and scan, however on some Android phones it is not that quick. It takes some effort in some cases

2. I also looked at BLE, but I don't think that is perfect solution, as it has to scan and discover etc.. and I also believe that there is a limitation on the size of the data (unless if I am wrong)

3. So far the best I see is the NFC library (beam example), but works for Android only.

Does anyone have a solution

Thanks in advance


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If you need to support iPhones then BLE is a good option:
It can send about 300 bytes per second.

Hi Erel,
Here is a good example, similar to what I am trying to achieve.
You walk into a store with your NFC card,
You present the card to the terminal
There is nothing else to do (from user's point of point of view), the transaction takes place

If I am not mistaken, BLE will have to go through a process of discovery etc.. which will not be as easy or robust as the NFC example above.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Another option is to use an online server.
I also thought about this one, but there is no simple way of identifying the destination of the message. Today, you could walk into store1, tomorrow Store2, etc..

Note that in the above, in our case, the card and the accepting device, can be either an Android phone or an iphone

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