Android Question Transform Pdf to pdf pagined - Set Number Page in pdf


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I hava a HTML, and convert to PDF without problem:
    Private  phtmltopdf As PalmoHtmlToPdf ' var in globals

'and this code:

File2Send = CodeDoc   & ".pdf"
                    phtmltopdf.ConvertFromFile(Starter.Provider.SharedFolder, Starter.htmlTmpGenerado, Starter.Provider.SharedFolder , File2Send)
                    Wait For phtmltopdf_Finished (Success As Boolean)

But, i need, that this new PDF have page 1 / x in one zone of any page.

I think use PDFDocument librery (Printing internal library in b4a),but this library is not for this pourpose.

Any idea?
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Ok. I can't do it this.
The HTML are not pagined, and i cant insert pages.

It's not important. Discartd this feature.
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