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I did not want to post this in the Android Job Offers. :(
So. I post my cry for help here. :eek: Hope this is OK, since it does relate to android.

Hello to all, on the Basic 4 Android Forum.
There are some news I would like to share with you.

My name is William Chatman, and I live in Germany.
It has been quite some time, since I have visited the Site.
Little over two years ago my Wife past away, and my Live had almost come to a DEAD END. I about gave up on live itself, and downed 21 Liters of Jack Daniels Whiskey, to find out this is not the right Answer to the Problem at all!
With some help from two Police Friends, that had stayed a few days, I had made a turn around, and started to fight the loneliness, and depression that had risen in me.

There are three Children 12, 16, and 22. All are doing better now. The Children have not gave up hope, and have found new Strength, and I myself have found new Strength and Courage, to continue also. And here I am, asking for MAJOR Help.

I do not use my old HTC HD anymore it is owned by my 16 year old Daughter now, since I have a Dating Web Site. Beta version at the moment only. Hoping to put her Online in a Month, since there are still just a little bit of work to be done.
The HTC HD was not able to access the Mobile Dating App on the Server. So, I bought a new Phone.

In use now is a Samsung Galaxy SII Handy, with Android 2.2 OS.
Desktop Sys. is Win7 Home.

We received a lot of help from Klaus and other forum members, with a App called "TRUIDbase".
This App had been written with B4PPC and it runs pretty good on Win Mobile OS.
Back to work again as a Archeologist, I sure do miss this little App in the Field. This little App is very important to me.

It is understood that the PPC algorithmic code is similar to B4A. Files and the user interface is different the libraries are incompatible because of the large difference in the system platforms. Thank you for this information Klaus.

I myself, am unable to translate the TRUIDbase App, to Android. At this point, I am asking for major help!
Could I find a Heart that might translate the TRUIDbase App???
Donation would be possible, to the person that might be able and willing to do this for me. I know there is a lot of work and time to be spend, doing this! Please Help to translate the TRUIDbase App. I need the App in the field.

Please do contact me at:

Best regards to all on forum,
William Chatman