iOS Tutorial [ Trick ] B4I debug connection timeout solution

Discussion in 'iOS Tutorials' started by Sasuke Sama, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Sasuke Sama

    Sasuke Sama Active Member Licensed User

    If you're using B4I and the hosted builder and :
    Have a big project.
    Have a slow internet connection.
    Or both ( like me ) then you probably having a hard time running apps in debug as B4I will only wait for the device for 60 seconds for the device to download the ipa from the hosted builder and start the app.
    This can be an issue if you have one of the problems above SO ..
    Until B4I get an option to increase the time here is how you can avoid it tho its not a perfect solution but gets the job done :

    Connect your device to pc using the b4i bridge.

    Compile your app.

    Once the install button shows on the b4i bridge press it and quick press the power button on your pc to let it go to sleep.

    Now wait for the app to finish installing on your device once its done launch it and power on your pc.

    It will immediately contact and start running.

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  2. hatzisn

    hatzisn Active Member Licensed User

    Very Clever. I do not have such problems but I wonder what happens with the debugging of the application if the computer is sleeping and thus the IDE is absent? Does it reconnect on wake up?
  3. Sasuke Sama

    Sasuke Sama Active Member Licensed User

    Yup it dose
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