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Hi all,

I'm new to B4A, as a starter i create simple customview of simple checkbox. The reason i need this checkbox is changing the box and mark color, here is the code:

'Custom View class
#Event: ValueChanged (Value As Boolean)
#DesignerProperty: Key: CheckBoxValue, DisplayName: Checked, FieldType: Boolean, DefaultValue: False, Description: CheckBox value.
#DesignerProperty: Key: CheckBoxDotColor, DisplayName: Dot Color, FieldType: Color, DefaultValue: 0xFFFF0000, Description: CheckBox dot color
Sub Class_Globals
   Private mEventName As String 'ignore
   Private mCallBack As Object 'ignore
   Private mBase As Panel
   Private Const DefaultColorConstant As Int = -984833 'ignore

   Private dotPanel As Panel
   Private isValue As Boolean
   Private dotColor As ColorDrawable
End Sub

Public Sub Initialize (Callback As Object, EventName As String)
   mEventName = EventName
   mCallBack = Callback
End Sub

Public Sub DesignerCreateView (Base As Panel, Lbl As Label, Props As Map)
   Dim clr As Int
   mBase = Base
   If isValue = True Then
       clr = Props.Get("CheckBoxDotColor")
       clr = Colors.White
   End If
   dotColor.Initialize(clr, 2)
   dotPanel.Background = dotColor
   mBase.AddView(dotPanel,4dip,4dip,mBase.Width-8dip, mBase.Height-8dip)
End Sub

Public Sub GetBase As Panel
   Return mBase
End Sub

public Sub dotPanel_Click
   CallSub(mCallBack, mEventName & "_" & "ValueChanged")
End Sub

Sub b4aCheckBox1_ValueChanged (Value As Boolean)
   ToastMessageShow("CheckBox was clicked !",False)
End Sub

My problem is:
1. How to fire event ValueChange with returning boolean value state
2. The layout is great with small dimension, but how to make it proportionally resize to bigger dimension

Thank you for your enlighment


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problem 2 was solved, but firing trigger with CallSub2 still no luck

Please advice
Thank you


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