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My gift to the Recreational Vehicle owners in North America (location database covers NA only).

Have you ever noticed a part lying in the ditch that came from a RV? (ie. roof vent, awning, sewer hose)
That was likely due to the fact the owner never (properly) inspected his unit prior heading out on the open road (yes, I am - GUILTY as charged!).

TripInspect RV provides the user with a comprehensive check list to ensure the towing and towed vehicle are safe and secure to operate on our public highways.

Thank you to all you good folks for making this happen. Hopefully I have not overlooked anyone in the About - Credits.

  • Nice Introduction Screen(s) upon installation. Explains what app does and how to set it up.
  • Setup Wizard: leads the user through the important setup screens upon first installation.
  • Inspection Check Lists: the app provides a set of default items for each check list. The user can add, edit or delete any item for any list. Adapts to the specific needs of the user.
  • Formal Unit Inspection: Many places require a formal Pre-Trip Inspection be preformed daily on these vehicles.
  • Site departure, Home departure and Personal check lists - each included.
  • Preventative Maintenance reminders (A, B, C Service schedules). Notifies the owner when service is due.
  • Database contains the GPS lat/lon for 42,000 locations in North America. Users can also add a location if they wish (based on GPS lat/lon).
  • Uses the Contacts (requires "read contacts" permission) to allow user to assign recipients of completed inspection documents (PDF).
  • Preferences: Full Time GPS or ask user to turn it on/off when needed. Set desired orientation (portrait / landscape or both - for tablets). Number or Character input for defining Unit.
  • Replace the Stock photo with users own picture of towing and towed unit.

Published on Google Play..



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Looks nice. Personally I think that it is better to use the new Android 4 style (android:targetSdkVersion="14").

Thanks Erel. Yes, and for tablet I think the min is 14. edit: set targetSdkVersion to 11 or higher in the Manifest editor (it is set to 14 in new projects); (posted by Informatix in tutorials)
I tried using 14 (dark blue holo), but the edit boxes (no box - perhaps an underline) looked horrible on my black background.
I shall try again and re-submit.

Any and all design comments are most welcome. I would like to get it right before publishing on GP.


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Applied target sdk 14. Tested on Nexus 7 and Samsung S (2.33)
Needed to change input text color and rearrange some views to fit correctly. Also, buttons are transparent - required hiding some views underneath when making a button visible.
Otherwise, relatively simple changes to update for sdk 14!

I will post when updated apk is available.