Wish Trobergs big wishlist, part 6: Editor


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6. Editor (& designer)

* With some fonts, characters don't always show up in editor (try For n = with Ms Sans Serif 10 Bold). Yeah, I'm a programmer who prefers to work with variable width fonts, so what...
* Better control over syntax coloring (ie, a GUI).
* Set background color for folded regions. I can have, for example, the #region directive on a green background, but when it's folded, it's white.
* Syntax coloring: Define certain elements as "rulers", ie full line with different background (just like the current line). Useful for Sub declarations, #region, full line comments et cetera.
* Set separate background color for Sub declaration lines (as ruler, see above). Would give a very clear view of the code, and also eliminate the need for procedure separator lines (possibly saving enough space to give another line or two of visible code).
* Color-code the vertical lines which shows syntax element blocks, to easiser show what's what in deeply nested code.
* Highlight matching end structures (if/elseif/else/end if, for/next, do/while, select/case/end select etc).
* Collapsible syntax elements (for, if, do, select etc). If the line has a comment, only show the comment (and maybe the base syntax element, for example "For 'Check all users") when collapsed. The default, of course, should be to not collapse.
* Intellisense help (or some other method) for inserting events for stuff that doesn't get events from "Generate members" in the designer. It's not always easy or clear what events an object may have (or how they are named) and what arguments they have.
* MDI (or similar technologies). I like having several sets of code visible at once. Also, it would allow me to make good use of my triple monitor setup with 3840x2160 screens.
* An option to highlight stuff which is not supported by a certain API version. Would make it easy to hunt down unnecessary blocks for usage on older devices.
* Autocorrect endif to End If. Old habits die hard...
* Add related file. VB6 has an option to "Add related file". It just attaches a file to the project and can launch it with the system default tool, but otherwise ignores it. While it may seem of little use, it's actually immensely useful. I use it to add a todo.txt to the project, I've used it to add bat files for one click build/help file rebuild/installation build/web deploy, I've added settings files for easy access, I've added exe files for servers that I need to start and so on.
* Generate Members should be accessible from the main window as well when an activity is active in the editor.
* Buttons I miss in the toolbar:
** Run last deployment. Frequently used in testing.
* Buttons which could be removed from the toolbar:
** Autocomplete. Does anyone actually use that button?
* The ability to have several designer windows open at once. Often, you'll have to go back and forth between several activities to check stuff (what size did I set for that symbol, what color did I use...).
* Designer scripts does not use background settings for syntax coloring. I like my comments to stand out, so I use blue background with yellow text, and that makes them almost invisible in the designer script editor, where I get yellow text on white background.
* When 'Generate members' is used, the code window jumps to the top. This is annoying, as I'm usually doing something when I realize I forgot to add the member, and the jump means that I have to find my place in the code again. I realize why it's done like it is, to show what was added, but I already know that, so it's not very helpful. To clarify, I'm not talking about generating event members, I'm talking about the view declaration (the Dim MyPanel as Panel bit).
* Scrollview. It would be nice to add views to the scrollview in the designer. When building, for example, settings screens, it's just a pain to add all views in code.