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Haris Hafeez

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Hello Everyone,

I have run into a rather strange error, which I'm quite sure has to do with me missing something.

I am trying to launch the MessageComposer when the user clicks on a local notification. The errors I get in the log are:

Class (b4i_customlistview) instance released.
<CKSMSComposeRemoteViewController: 0x1475eea0> timed out waiting for fence barrier from
MC Result = 0
Warning: Attempt to dismiss from view controller <UINavigationController: 0x14549830> while a presentation or dismiss is in progress!

Any tips on how to resolve this please?

Many thanks.

Haris Hafeez

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Thanks for your reply. I managed to get the notification working by moving the code around a bit. However, the issue I now get is that the notification tag is always nil. Will appreciate help with this. The CustomListView was always a global, I wonder why its claiming to release it.

So the code is like this:
Private Sub Application_Active

    If IsLaunchedFromNotification Then
        If Not(ScheduledMessagesPage.Visible) Then 'bring this page to the top before attempting to set it as a parent of messagecomposer
        End If
        Log("Notification.Tag = " & LaunchingNotification.Tag) 'prints nil
    End If
End Sub

Sub Application_ReceiveLocalNotification (LN As Notification)
    'this event will fire if the scheduled notification happend when the app was running
    Log("launched while app is running. LN.TAG = " & LN.Tag) 'prints nil
    IsLaunchedFromNotification = True
    LaunchingNotification = LN
End Sub

Sub HandleTextNotificationLaunch(key As String)
    Dim mc As MessageComposer
    If mc.CanSendText Then
        Log("Before getting pending message. key: " & key) 'prints nil
        Dim pm As PendingMessage = MessageStore.GetSavedMessage(key) 'fails here
        Log("Composing text: " & pm.StrMessage & ", to: " & pm.StrTo)
        mc.SetRecipients(Array As String(pm.StrTo))
        'mc.SetRecipients(Array As String("Haris"))
        mc.Body = pm.StrMessage
        'mc.Body = "Test message body"
        Log("Can't send TEXTS :(")
    End If
End Sub

The code that sets the notification is:

Sub ScheduleLocalNotificationForMessage(key As String)
    Dim n As Notification
    Dim pm As PendingMessage = MessageStore.GetSavedMessage(key)
    DateTime.TimeFormat = "HH:mm"
    Dim ticks As Long = DateTime.DateTimeParse(pm.Date,pm.Time)
    n.AlertBody = "Would you like to send the scheduled message to " & pm.StrTo &"?"
    n.Tag = key
    n.PlaySound = True
End Sub
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Haris Hafeez

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The Tag will be empty. The tag information is not added to the notification object that the system creates.
So how do we determine what action to take based on a notification? It seems that I will have encode some information in the notification itself.

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