Android Question Try catch not working

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Hey everyone, searched the forums for the same title as this one, with no luck.

I'd like to suppress an error that I know will happen in some circumstances, so that the user doesn't get an ugly message; instead, it is ignored.

Attached is the code. Simply, I am trying to set up the equivalent of a callback function to a different class, if the function exists. I've put a try/catch around the callsub2 method, and run it in release mode but still get an ugly error message and can't suppress it.

Attached is a sample project.
The goal is to suppress the error message, not necessarily to get the try catch working, so I'm open to anyways to achieve this.




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Try using SubExists instead:
If SubExists(t,"NonExistantMethod") Then
        result = CallSub2(t, "NonExistantMethod", "TestValue")
    End If