iOS Question Trying to port RateView B4A Library to iOS


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Hey !

In the Android version of my app I use the RateView Library. And therefore I needed the same functionality for the iOS version of my app.
I am trying to port the RateView library (B4A Lib) to iOS. But since my new (used Mac has not yet arrived - I hope it arrives next week), I have simply used a texteditor to produce the .xml, .h and .m file.
I tried to follow Erel's tutorial on writing libraries for B4i.

Therefore, I would very much appreciate it if someone OBJc / library sawyy could take a look at the files in the zip file attached to this post and maybe try a compile on a local Mac ?

I know this is a tall order but I would really appreciate it nontheless ...

Thanks !



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I will take a look at it after work.

Will inform you with details after compile... :)
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