iOS Question Trying to publish to AppStore

Marco Maria Vilucchi

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I'm trying to publish my first app on apple store without Mac.
I'm using Erel tutorial
but apple site is very different from Tutorial.
iTunes Connect doesn't ask me user id, password and archive file, but many informations and a "Build" with Xcode 6 or Application Loader 3, that i think are Mac applications.

There are some other informations to help me?


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You have to use b4i's uplaod to itines connect feature to upload your build after you create the release and download the archive .
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Tools > Build server > Build release app
Tools > Build server > Download last build
Tools > Build server > Upload App to Itunes Connect

now you can enter your user/password to upload the file.

after a few minutes, if everything went fine, a (+) will appear where you can select your build. (refresh your page every few minutes)
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