B4R Question Trying to use I2C Scanner - no byteconverter.h file


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Hi, I am very new to B4X. specifically B4R at the moment and experimenting.

I am trying to compile and run the I2C Scanner from here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/i2c-address-scanner.75815/
I have added rWire library, downloaded byterconverter and copied the .jar & .xml to my Additional Libraries folder.

When compiling. I get a error 'byteconverter.h' not found. There is no such file on my PC, nor does an internet search offer such a file.

B4R Version: 2.51
Parsing code. (0.00s)
Compiling code. (0.22s)
Building project (0.74s)
Compiling & deploying Ino project (Arduino/Genuino Uno - COM4) Error
Loading configuration...
Initialising packages...
Preparing boards...
In file included from N:\B4X\B4R\Projects\I2C_Scanner\Objects\src\src.ino:1:0:
B4RDefines.h:27:27: error: ByteConverter.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
exit status 1​

TIA for any help.


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NVM, thanks.... I don't know where I found the info that I needed a ByteConverter additional library, but removing it from my libraries and using the ByteConverter in rRandomAccessFile solved the problem.
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