Android Question TTS1 Unable to Speak


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TTS1 fails to run in release mode and ends with (Exception) java.lang.Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error speaking text.
but it works fine in Debug mode when a breakpoint is created and IP reaches TTS1.Speak(text2read,False)
Any idea of what I might be missing?

TTS1 is initialized in Activity_Create and TTS1.Speak is called in a the module Button_clicked


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Are you handling the Ready event?

I wasn't handling ready event.
After handling ready event the java exception is gone but it only plays first message and skips the ones in queue.

again, it plays "all" the messages in debug - step by step mode but in release mode it plays only the first one in queue.

I'm writing the code all afresh - will share if the same issue happens again
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