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Twinny Points

Beta Phase is finished and in production now!

Here is my new Creation "Twinny Points" in Beta Phase:

Play Store (Beta Tester) Tjank you to all testers.

How to play
Let the Twinny go further step-by-step. It is an One-Finger-Game.

It is getting harder every 10 steps the further you go. It is easier and allowing more distance in the beginning but it is faster and you need tho get nearer to the center the higher you get. But watch out, if you let the Twinny go across than you missed the Target.

Relax every 10 steps and let the Green Twinny collect the coins.

You are able to see Rewarded Videos. Use this Rewards if you missed a Target but only if at least Level 30 is reached.

In case of having your Google Play Profile set to Public you will see your Achievements and Scores in the Leaderboards.

Beta Phase
Since the App is a Beta Version I would like you to test this App and let me know you thoughts.

The App makes use of XUI2D (Box2D) including Google Play Service for Leaderboards and Achievements.

Monetarization by Banners, Interstitial and Rewarded Videos.

Privacy Consent Form for fulfilling the GDPR law.

ImmersiveMode, BlurredDialog, Drawer, Badger, CustomStringBuilder


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erst morgen gültig?
I think so. Since otherwise the generation of them was not possible.

But you may try. Click on "Buy it for ..." and at the bottom of the Payment page is the field for the Codes.
If they are accepted then fine, if not then wait for a day = 10 hours left.