Ultimate Ad Networks Decision For B4A

Do you want MoPub and mAdserve wrapper for B4A ?

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I made some research on networks and so I attach DOCX/RTF document.

After all this I ask - please make support of MoPub and mAdserve. These two wrappers will cover all problems with ad networks , because there is no need to update library when ad network update its SDK. These two systems are RULES SYSTEM for showing ads from different ad networks based on your RULES - Geography , Priority and so on. Only ONE SDK and 9 ad networks with MoPub or 31+ ad networks with mAdserve.

Some info:
mAdserve - Revolution Of Ads For Android Developers
mAdserve - Open Source Mobile Ad Server (by MobFox)
MoPub – Mobile monetization platform for Android, iOS and mobile web | MoPub (Founders are from AdMob and Google)

All ad networks will pay you DIRECTLY , so MoPub and mAdserve are only intelligent system that show ads based on YOUR RULES from networks with which you sign-up. So you become inpendent and nobody can ban your account for example because mAdserve is YOUR OWN ad server on YOUR web hosting and MoPub only rotate ads from ad networks to which you sign-up with.

P.S. Please vote so the chance I think will be bigger to get a wrapper also from these companies.

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