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Hi Erel,

I just got my iPhone 8Plus (updated already to iOS 11.0.1) and I was building the bridge app but I got the error

"Unable to download bridge app" after building it on the remote server.

However after few seconds this message popped out: this error is due to a program compiled in 32bit while iOS 11 does only accept 64bit apps.

Is the bridge app 32 or 64 bit? Is there a way to specify how do we want to build our apps (esp. the bridge?)



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Firstly, you need to put this question under b4i - this is the b4a forum. I will however assist you.

iOS 11 is a 64 bit environment.

So firstly make sure you have b4i v4.30 (Check in Help About)
Secondly, since it is a new device I presume that your bridge is still not loaded on it. If it was an upgrade you would have needed to delete the old bridge app.
Thirdly, go back to your IDE (b4i) and click Tools-->Build Server-->Server Settings. Next to "Debug Architecture" you have a choice of 32 bit or 64 bit - Choose 64 bit.

Now rebuild your Bridge App and all should be fine.

Enjoy building your apps.
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