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Here is an Universal Connector, which allows you to Write/Read from BT, LAN and Serial devices. The idea is to work with all devices with one and the same code and to do it very simple. The code is very simplified to be better described. Maybe in the future I will include all error handling routines and additional features like receiving packets, wrapping and others.

Sub Class_Globals
    Public BaudRate As Long = 9600                            'Sample baudrate, standart for serial POS printers
    Public IPAddress As String = ""                'Sample IP Address
    Public IPPort As Long = 9100                            'Sample port, standart for LAN POS printers
    Public DeviceMAC As String = "00:00:00:00:00:00"        'Just put the real MAC of the POS printer
    Public Const Conn_Bluetooth As Byte = 1                    'This will be Bluetooth connection
    Public Const Conn_LAN As Byte = 2                        'This will be TCP connection
    Public Const Conn_Serial As Byte = 3                    'This will be USB-2-Serial connection
    Public ConnectionType As Byte = 0                        'The selected connection type
    Public Connected As Boolean = False                        'Are we connected?
    Private BTAdmin As BluetoothAdmin
    Private BTPort As Serial
    Private MySocket As Socket
    Private USBAdmin As UsbManager
    Private USBSerial As felUsbSerial
    Private PrinterTX As AsyncStreams
    Private Const Connection_Attempts As Byte = 3            'How many attempts to reconnect should be done
    Private Retries As Byte
End Sub

'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed.
Public Sub Initialize
End Sub

Public Sub Connect
    If Connected Then Return                                                            'Already connected, no need to connect
    Retries = Connection_Attempts                                                        'Make more than one attempt to connect
    Select Case ConnectionType                                                            'Select the proper connection type
        Case Conn_Bluetooth                                                                'Bluetooth connection
            If Not(BTAdmin.IsInitialized) Then BTAdmin.Initialize("BluetoothAdmin")        'Init the Bluetooth hardware
            If Not(BTPort.IsInitialized) Then BTPort.Initialize("RemoteDevice")            'Init the Bluetooth port. The event is Remote_Device
            BTPort.Connect(DeviceMAC)                                                    'Connect to existing device, MAC should be valid and paired

        Case Conn_LAN                                                                    'LAN/WiFi connection over TCP
            If Not(MySocket.IsInitialized) Then MySocket.Initialize("RemoteDevice")        'Initialize the connection socket. The events as Remote_Device
            MySocket.Connect(IPAddress, IPPort, 1500)                                    'Address, Port and Timeout

        Case Conn_Serial                                                                'Serial device through felUSB library and USB-2-COM converter
            If USBAdmin.GetDevices.Length > 0 Then                                        'There should be at least 1 device attached
                Dim MyDevice As UsbDevice = USBAdmin.GetDevices(0)                         'Assuming that there is exactly one device
                If Not(USBAdmin.HasPermission(MyDevice)) Then                            'Check for permission
                    ToastMessageShow("Allow permission to the Serial adapter", True)    'If no permission, ask for permission
                    USBAdmin.RequestPermission(MyDevice)                                 'Request permission
                    ConnectionError                                                        'And execute error handling
                    USBSerial.Initialize("USBSerial", MyDevice, -1)                        'Initialize the serial device
                    USBSerial.BaudRate = BaudRate                                        'Set the requested baudrate
                    USBSerial.DataBits = USBSerial.DATA_BITS_8                            '8 Data bits
                    USBSerial.Parity = USBSerial.PARITY_NONE                            'Parity is None
                    USBSerial.StopBits = USBSerial.STOP_BITS_1                            '1 Stop bit
                    Try                                                                    'Error handling for the serial device
                        USBSerial.StartReading                                            'Try the serial device
                        USBSerial.Close                                                    'If not successful, close it
                        ConnectionError                                                    'And execute error handling
                        Return                                                            'Cannot countinue the tasks
                    End Try
                    Connected = True                                                    'The connection was successful, set Connected flag
                End If
                ToastMessageShow("No device",False)                                        'No serial device found
                ConnectionError                                                            'And execute error handling
            End If
        Case Else                                                                        'Connection type not properly set
            ToastMessageShow("Invalid connection was selected!", True)
            ConnectionError                                                                'Execute error handling
    End Select
End Sub

Public Sub Disconnect
    Select Case ConnectionType                                                            'Depends on connected type
        Case Conn_Bluetooth:    PrinterTX.SendAllAndClose: Sleep(100): MySocket.Close    'Send all data and close
        Case Conn_LAN:             PrinterTX.SendAllAndClose: Sleep(100): MySocket.Close    'Send all data and close
        Case Conn_Serial:         USBSerial.Close                                            'Data already sent, just close
    End Select
    Connected = False                                                                    'The connection was closed
End Sub

Private Sub RemoteDevice_Connected(Successful As Boolean)
    If Successful Then                                                                    'Check if the connection is successful
                                                                                        'If successful, set up AsyncStreams
        Select Case ConnectionType
            Case Conn_Bluetooth                                                            'AsyncStream on Bluetooth connection
                Sleep(500)                                                                'Sleep, because some of the Bluetooth devices do not respond immediately
                PrinterTX.Initialize(BTPort.InputStream, BTPort.OutputStream, "DeviceTX")        'The event name is DeviceTX
            Case Conn_LAN                                                                'AsyncStream on TCP connection
                Sleep(100)                                                                'Sleep, because some of the LAN devices do not respond immediately
                PrinterTX.Initialize(MySocket.InputStream, MySocket.OutputStream, "DeviceTX")    'The event name is DeviceTX           
        End Select
        Retries = Connection_Attempts                                                    'Connection was ready, so next time we will have new attempts to connect
        Connected = True                                                                'We are connected to the device
        If Retries > 0 Then                                                                'Connection not successful, retrying
            Log("Connection atempt N:" & (Connection_Attempts - Retries))                'Log the result
            Sleep(300)                                                                    'Wait until next connection
            Retries = Retries - 1                                                        'Decrease the number of retries
            Connect                                                                        'Repeat the Connect subroutine
            Retries = Connection_Attempts                                                'The connection was unsuccessful, set the standart connection attempts
            Log("No connection to the device")                                            'Log the result
            ConnectionError                                                                'Execute the error handling procedure
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub ConnectionError
    ToastMessageShow("Error connecting the device", True)                                'Here should be error handling procedure for connection errors
End Sub

Public Sub Write(WriteBuffer() As Byte)                                                    'Send the data in the buffer
    Select Case ConnectionType                                                            'Depending on the selected ConnectionType
        Case Conn_Bluetooth:    PrinterTX.Write(WriteBuffer)                            'Write to AsyncStream on Bluetooth connection
        Case Conn_LAN:            PrinterTX.Write(WriteBuffer)                            'Write to AsyncStream on LAN connection
        Case Conn_Serial:        USBSerial.Write(WriteBuffer)                            'Write to Stream on serial connection
    End Select
End Sub

'Answer from the connected device from AsyncStream
Private Sub DeviceTX_NewData (Buffer() As Byte)                                            'The event name for LAN and Bluetooth is the same. Easy to work
    If Buffer.Length = 0 Then Return                                                    'Event was fired, but no information was available
End Sub

'Communication error
Private Sub DeviceTX_Error                                                                'Error was detected on TX/RX
    ToastMessageShow(LastException.Message, True)
End Sub

'Event from Serial Device, redirect it like AsyncStream for easier handling
Private Sub USBSerial_DataAvailable (Buffer() As Byte)                                    'Redirect the data to LAN/Bluetooth device
    DeviceTX_NewData(Buffer)                                                            'so it is very easy to work with universal conection
End Sub

Private Sub DataReceived(Buffer() As Byte)                                                'Data was received from the device
    Dim Msg As String
    Msg = BytesToString(Buffer, 0, Buffer.Length, "UTF8")                                'Change it to string
    Log(Msg)                                                                            'And log it. You can pass it through CallSub
End Sub

How do we use this module?
Here is the code:

Sub btnOK_Click
    MyDevice.BaudRate = edtBaudrate.Text
    MyDevice.IPAddress = edtIPAddress.Text
    MyDevice.IPPort= edtIPPort.Text
    MyDevice.DeviceMAC = edtMAC.Text
    MyDevice.ConnectionType = MyDevice.Conn_Bluetooth
    Do While Not(MyDevice.Connected)
    Dim s As String = "Hello world!" & CRLF
End Sub

And the project. It was tested with POS printers (Bluetooth, LAN and Serial). Uses felUSBSerial library.


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