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Hy Guys,

I would appreciate your feedback and input on my app made with B4A.

I started making this app last year for iOS using Swift. Then I gave up and made it for Android using B4A in a fraction of the time.

It allows to play Crossword Puzzles that I upload on a daily basis and it can handle any size and any shape, including the Italian style Cruciverba (those with the photo encased in it) and free shaped crossword puzzles.


Screenshot_2016-07-05-15-13-43.jpg Screenshot_2016-07-05-15-13-25.jpg
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I love crossword +5 ;)

Oron Gideon

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Hi Netkomm,

For the time being, your SW supports 2 languages.
Since the skeleton of crossword based on standard XML file,
everyone can create its own crossword.

Could you please add an option to read an external XML crossword file,
and enable using of local keyboard.

TIA, Gideon :rolleyes:


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Hi Gideon,

The problem with having an external keyboard is that there is little or no control to it and the code to implement that is way more extensive of having the custom made keyboard.

Yes, the app uses external XML files but these cannot be easily made other than with a specific application.

Also, if I manage to implement a social angle to it then it will make sense for users to create and share their crosswords by using this specific application I am using (it's a commercial app used by major companies to create crosswords and it doesn't come cheap)