Android Question Unload XOMDocument from memory


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Hello Friends,
I have a problem I wonder if anyone can help me.
I am reading several xml Files with Xom, but some files temperatures around 9000 Registrys
I read and I record in Table , AND A Data Import What I'm Doing.
Here I test and I realized that I had to xombuilder paragraph EACH ONE FILE,
tried POR Medium USE THE SAME loop hum and Object Location: I could not, because not only buiddone AND CREATED FILE last read. How AFTER Making Procedure download from memory the object Xóm Why When I run All Files SAME pace of memory error.


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Any local references to XOM objects in the BuildDone Sub should be garbage collected 'at some point' by the operating system - you don't need to do anything to explicitly free these objects.

If you have any XOM objects that are declared as Globals or Process Globals then i'd think you could simply re Dim the object.
That will release any reference to the object within the XOM library and allow the operating system to garbage collect the object.