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I have been looking at different messaging options for some of my clients who have a range of devices IOS, Android, Windoze.

Almost like a Whatsapp feel but with a difference. I looked at some code that needs a broker but have not found anything that would suit my needs yet.

Possibly someone can steer me in the right direction as I have found this community VERY helpful in the past few weeks that I have been working on B4A.

Firstly the app will have to be accessable thru the Internet, Possibly using your phone Sim serial or similar to authenticate / Name your session.

Then I want to be able to have a Chat with a SERVER. The server can ask questions and depending on the response I give , ask further related questions which will narrow a search in a SQL database.

Once the search results are retrieved and most will have photo's, the user will be able to SWIPE left or SWIPE right (Simialr to Tinder) to either reject or add to cart.

Stuff added into the cart can then be ordered in various ways ie SALE, On Appro or just added to the users favourites.

Is this possible at the moment on all platforms ? ( I expect everything is possible ... it is 2017)
Where should I start looking ?

Thank you


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You can create a B4J server that sends messages to devices. On Android and iOS you should use Firebase Notifications to send push messages. Once the user opens the app the app should connect to the server and work with the server directly.

There are many examples of B4J server solutions. This one is relevant: Custom WebSocket Based Push Framework
Though it will be simpler (and better) to implement the background messages with Firebase.
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