Wish Upgrade / Downgrade Subscriptions

Robert Valentino

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According to Google:

InApp Version 3 supports Upgrade / Downgrading Subscriptions

Subscription Upgrade/Downgrade
With version 3 of the In-app Billing API, users can upgrade or downgrade a subscription during its active period. When the user does this, the active subscription is canceled and a new subscription is created. The unused balance of the old subscription is applied on a pro-rated basis to the new subscription. The first billing period for the new subscription begins after that balance is used up. (The new subscription does not need to have a period of the same length as the old one.)

When a user upgrades or downgrades a subscription, your app calls getBuyIntentToReplaceSkus(). This method is passed the new SKU the user wants to buy, and all the old SKUs that are superseded by it. The remaining portions of the old SKUs are used to pay for the new subscription, and billing begins when this credit is used up.

Is there a way to do this ( getBuyIntentToReplaceSkus ) using our BillingManager3?

Is BillingManager3 going to support V5 functions? Or are we going to get a BillingManager5