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I currently have a Wi-Fi network connecting a Samsung Tablet (acts as a host) and multiple phone devices. Communications is asynchronous and only between the Tablet and device, never device to device. Think of Erel's CCTV example, but with multiple connections.

To increase bandwidth, I would like to replace the Wi-Fi network with USB connections. I am thinking connect the the tablet to the USB hub In and then connect each device to the hub.

I have searched and found Erel's USB host library as well as some other threads, but nothing really addresses what I'm considering.

Does this have a chance of working?

Communications is asynchronous. I think I saw the word synchronous mentioned in Erel's library.

Another consideration will be power, but this is secondary. I would use a powered hub and I assume that each device pluged-in will be recharged, but I wonder about the Tablet. Does this receive power from its USB In connection to the hub?

Thanks for any insights or pointers.



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I like the concept, However depending on your router age and your tablet wifi's card. You could increase your bandwidth in the whole LAN with a "N" based router 150,300,600mbps. Again depending on your equipment.

If you choose USB route, the connection would be more stable due to the hardwire and steady transfer rate. Power is always a concern definitely get a POWERED USB hub to assist with the device(s) not getting ample power.

Your tablet should charge from the POWERED HUB based on how much you have plugged into it and what it can supply.
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