Android Question USB OTG adapter


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As a sidestep from my app development, i want to venture into, for me, completely unknown territory.
The end result should be that - in a studio environment - i can take a picture and see it on
the much larger screen of a (samsung) tablet. Mainly to evaluate lighting on the object or model.
(It can be done with lightroom tethered connections, but been there, don't like it.)

My cam settings could be influenced from the tablet also, but that is of secondary importance,
and would probably be limited to taking the pic and showing a histogram.
I know there are some apps on the market, but where is the fun ?

I did some reading, and it would seem i need an a gadget called "USB OTG adapter", and connect to the cam (Nikon/Samsung).
My question is, what kind of stuff do i need on the tablet side to get started. Libs , ...?
(b4a i have already :)