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    Where can i get information how to gain acces to a USB port on mij PDA with Basic4ppc? I have a RS232 to USB adapter with driver for Windows-XP. On my laptop i can now acces the serial device on COM5:. But i don't know how this works on mij PDA on Windows Mobile 5.0.

    Regards, Piet
  2. agraham

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    I am afraid it probably doesn't and won't. To control the RS232 adaptor your device would need to have a host USB port but most PDAs only have a device port which will only work downstream of a host port. Also even if your PDA did have a host port writing a USB driver is a non-trivial exercise and not one that you could do in Basic4ppc.
  3. jongkoenp

    jongkoenp New Member Licensed User

    Other options?

    Hello Agraham,

    I have a Mio P550. If USB is no option, can I interface with Basic4ppc by Bluetooth or Wifi? Is so, the next step wil be finding an serial adapter and info how that works.
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  5. DaveW

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  6. jongkoenp

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    Thanks taximania & DaveW,

    I think this will get me on the right track.
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