Wish Use Ctrl-F to find Bookmarks and Breakpoints


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I'd like to get a list of all my breakpoints because I may want to turn them off or simply find out where they are located. In Delphi they have a floating window that displays the breakpoints and you click on the breakpoint to jump to its location in the code, which is great. Or you can uncheck its checkbox on the line to disable it temporarily.

This might be overkill for B4X because it doesn't like to have a lot of panes or floating windows. This got me thinking (which could be dangerous, I know!:rolleyes:) . Since B4X already has a Quick Search window, why not give it some more capabilities and allow it to search for breakpoints too? Rather than searching for text in the "Search (Ctrl+F)" text edit view, the user presses hotkey like "Ctrl+R" to display breakpoints. All it takes is 2 rapid key strokes Ctrl+F Ctrl+R to display all the breakpoints, sorted by module just as if you were searching for text. (The breakpoints are indexed just like the text so they are quickly found)

Or right-click on the Quick Search text edit control (where it displays "Ctrl-F") and the popup menu displays a menu item that has "Display Breakpoints". This displays the breakpoints just as it would any other search string.

And do the same with bookmarks. Use something like "Ctrl-F Ctrl-K" to display bookmarks to see all the bookmarks in your application.

Another option would be to always display 2 extra lines in the Quick Search list of recently used searches "Search for: Breakpoints" and "Search for: Bookmarks".

What do you think?