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after starting with b4a 2 month ago, I have adopted my patience-game originaly developt in Vb.Net to b4a.
Works great.

Now I want to let the user import own image-sets for the cards.
Could anybody point into the rigth direction?

The results on my search for "User changeable image-sets" didn't gave me any hint.

Actually the cards are made of a set of .Gifs. I would like to allow the user to select a directory (which holds the new images) which then will be taken to draw the cards.



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I would provide a standard naming convention for instance 1.gif (jpg or bmp) to 52.gif and store these in a folder. It's is simply a case of changing the path to the folder being used.
I'd also have a set of default images that if there was a problem loading one of the 52 images it could fall back to using the default and not crash your program.


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Me bad.
My description wasn't detailed enough.
@RandomCoder, your hints are already used in my code, the only thing I'm not using is the changing of folders.(The naming convention is more like acespade.gif, 2spade.gif, ....kingspade.gif,...)
My question in more detail:
How do I make my application use files that are being saved by the user (using other tools) in a specific folder?
Is it even possible to use a folder directly accessable by the user? Or should I copy the (user-declared) folder holding the images to a application specific folder?