Using Google Earth from Shell


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Hi everyone:

I'm trying to launch a .KML file using the Shell with this code:

Shell ("googleearth.exe","myfile.kml")

Google Earth launches, but I got the message:

"Unable to open Earth file\myfile.kml for read"

But if I open a cmd session, and type:
googleearth.exe myfile.kml

everything works fine. So, the kml file is Ok, and the way of launching it from the Desktop shell is also Ok. What am I doing wrong?

Any Idea of how can I do this?

By the way, I've seen Google Earth has a COM API Library. (

Is it possible to use it in our dear basic4ppc?



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Hi Erel,

Yes, It was my fault...I wasn't using the quotes in the file path. It works fine just adding it. I mean:

Shell ("googleearth.exe",chr(34)& "myfile.kml"& chr(34))


Thanks for your time. (and software!)