Using HttpUtils to connect to a SqLite database


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Hi All,
I have a project that I am working on written in Delphi as the server and Android as the client.
The server gets a request as a Query as sends the Json response.
This is using the SynopseSqlite project.

The server info is.
This "13 - StandAlone JSON SQL server" sample's aim is to directly
serve SQLite3 JSON results from SQL using HTTP server.

It will expect the incoming SQL statement to be POSTED as HTTP body, which
will be executed and returned as JSON.

This is a simple way of not using a xammp type server.
One problem is that I cannot get it to work. lol

I have tried req.InitializePost2("", Query.GetBytes("UTF8"))

But it just times out.

I have on my web site a server demo in a zip file.
If anyone would like to test it or have the source in Delphi 7 then contact me.
The url is
It has the server and a small database test as well.

Any ideas would be very helpful.

Tom :sign0104: