UTF-8, Unicode and other languages (SQLite)

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    More SQL ;)

    Since I am from Spain, in my language we have special caracters like (ñ, á, é, í, ó, ú). I have make some SQLite tables with SQLite Administrator using this special caracters, but when I make query from Basic4pcc I get missing caracters.

    For example: Marañón -> Maran

    I have no idea where is the problem... In my SQL tables? or in Basic4pcc? :confused:

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    I think problem is on my SQLite Administrator, because If I use Basic4ppc for INSERT rows on the sql table I have no problems.
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    Ok, I have tried with another SQLite administrator, SQLite Database Browser, GPL off course and editing database with it everything works ok.

    SQLite Database Browser, simple and easy.