VB6 to B4A migration ideas


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I have a hobby of working with engine management systems. I have developed the ECU, firmware and the application software. I now wish to migrate my PC VB6 application to B4A. I have ideas how to do most of the migration. It involves a few screens, to reduce the single screen VB6 complexity. The system communications is RS232. I have already tested bluetooth examples with B4A.

I am uncertain how to replicate the reduced VT100 terminal that is used to modify many operating parameters. I use windows api calls, mainly TEXTOUT to write and modify text attributes at desired screen locations. The user keys navigate, and + or - keys are used to increment or decrement a parameter. It is efficient, since only areas that change are rewritten, also serial communications is low data volume.

I have considered using Tables for the presentations, and means to adjust values.

It there a better way?



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It depends on how you want to have the look.

If you want a kind of VT100 look you could use a Canvas to display directly onto the Activity and use DrawText for the text and DrawRect for backgrounds.

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