Version 6.0 Device optimized compilation problem


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Version 6.0 Device optimized compilation problems

1. I'm wondering whether anyone else is having problems with variables being passed to subroutines ? I am trying to pass 3 variables to a subroutine & returning a result. After upgrading & debugging a large program that was working fine in the last compiler, I'm now experiencing a problem that I can not fathom.

The first time it is called everything works fine, but the second time, one of the variables appears to lose it's value. It seems to be working ok on the desktop so I'm having to use msgbox statements to debug on the device at various stages, so it's proving a bit slow to resolve where or why it's happening. :confused: I'll report back if this appears to be an issue with the new compiler.

2. Runtime error when running the compiled program on the device- "NullReferenceException Continue? Yes/No" yet it runs ok in the device developer & the desktop developers & also as a compiled version on the desktop. What does this error mean?
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