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I wrote an andriod app in 2013 and need to make some changes to it. How can I find out what version of b4a I used and can I get a copy of it still ?


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How can I find out what version of b4a I used
i started using b4a in 2013. i started with version 3.82 or something like that.

You need to update your license and build a new version using b4a 9.3.
Your old code probably needs some changes.
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The trial version is limited to 30 days and the project size is limited.
maybe you can try the trial first if it was a small project.
copy the project and let the original untouched.
if you can't find the old b4a ide setup i guess erel have a backup.
or wait for next special offer.

if your andriod app was in play store u need min. sdk 26 now.
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