Video Editing Software (PC)


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I'm done with Cyberlink PowerDirector! Crash, after crash, after crash.

I'm looking for something medium-weight, it doesn't have to be Adobe Premiere of Sony Vegas.
All I want to do is some basic edits, cut here, paste there and enhance the quality a little bit.

What's your suggestion?

My PC:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
Core i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz
8.00 GB Ram
nVIDIA GTX 760 SuperClocked


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HitFilm for a really good one, or Corel Video Studio Ultimate works pretty good and costs a lot less but has less features.

Older Version: videostudio x7

Latest Version: videostudio x7

Or more $$:

And one more that is inexpensive and may be useful depending on your needs:
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I have just been through the process of choosing a medium weight editor. The best I found is VideoReDo but I could not justify the price.

I eventually settled on Movavi Video Suite. There is a promotion available if you access the site from cell/mobile.

So far it does what I want.
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The last time I used it was back in 2004. I didn't like it. I don't know anything about the current version, though.

easy to use, free, you can do lots of thing with it...