Android Question Video Record App only saves in DCIM folder

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I'm trying to record some videos using the audio library and the VideoRecordApp object, and try to save to a specific folder, but the video is only saved in the DCIM folder with another name, likes VID_2015???.

In some devices it runs OK, but another...
Is there anyway to get the path or last file from camera??

Here´s part of the code:

sub Process_Globals
Dim The video VideoRecordApp

Sub record ()
video.Initialize ("video")
video.Record2 (File.DirDefaultExternal, "video123", 5)

Could someone help me??
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VideoRecordApp tries two things:
1. Set the destination path (only supported on Android 4.3+).
2. If the video file was saved to a path other than the chosen path then it will copy the file to the correct path.

If you still don't see the video file in the destination path then the video recording app didn't return the correct path in the intent result.
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