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Hello, i'm learning to use the customlistview and i don't understand how to aling and place a button in a proper way the result should be something like in the attached image.

Also i cannot find where to change the background color of the customlistview!

I want to align btnask to the right, by setting left as int it will move but is that the correct way?
i don't know exactly how many dips i have in different screens.

Excuse me for so many questions and errors in code.

                        Dim textcontainer As Label

                        Dim btnask As Button
 textcontainer.text = "Name: " &name& " - "&sent_date & CRLF & gender & CRLF & "Age: "&age & CRLF &"Comment: " &comment 
                        listpanel.AddView(btnask,300dip, 2dip, 50dip,50dip)
                        listpanel.AddView(textcontainer,1dip, 2dip, 300dip,300dip)
                        btnask.Width = 40dip
                        btnask.Height = 40dip
                        btnask.SetBackgroundImage(LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "askicon.png"))
                        textcontainer.Width = pnlbackground.Width -80
                        userlist.DefaultTextBackgroundColor = Colors.RGB("28","28","28") 'does not works
                        userlist.DefaultTextColor = Colors.Black
                        userlist.Add(listpanel, 90dip,"")

Thank you very much


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on the Color question .. in the CLV class Process Globals you have 'RowColor' ..

the following code sets alternative row colors ..
in CLC class Process Globals
rowColor1 = Colors.White
rowColor2 =  0xFFFFF8DC  'Cornsilk
textColor = Colors.Black
rowColorflag = False

Sub  CreateList1(values()As String, width() As Int) As Panel
   'initialize new panel for row
   Dim p As Panel
   'set alternative color
   Select rowColorflag
     Case False
       p.Color = rowColor1     'White
       rowColorflag = True
     Case True
       p.Color = rowColor2    'Cornsilk
       rowColorflag = False
   End Select

note .. just looking at this old code i'm sure theres a way to do that without the rowColorflag boolean.. (another day)
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