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Hello everyone :)

*Stating off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for every single one of us ♥

We were requested numerous times to create VNC server & client in B4X technology, so here we are :)

In exactly 2 weeks the project will be ready and released (17-05-2021 11:00 PM GMT 3+).

System overview :

The Server side setup the server IP and port (Usually 5900 but changeable) and allow the incoming and outgoing connections requests.
The Client side enters the Server IP and Port and the connection will start right away.
Once the connection has been established, the client is able to full control the server side (host) by transmitting the Keyboard, Mouse, Screen Capture, etc...

Yup, as simple as that.

Why this is more powerful than the Teamviewer Alternative :
1-Each session data is real time, meaning unlike Teamviewer alternative project there won't be any database, JRDC2, etc...
2-No extra setup and complicated steps, just open the port and you are ready to go.
3-Faster Connections because there won't be any extra tunneling (JRDC2 and MS SQL)
4-Full HD
5-and the list goes on...

Future Updates :
1- B4A Client, the android client will be able to fully control the server side (host) Done :)
2- File Transfer
3- Able to use any VNC viewer to view the Server side (Host) Done :)
4- Hidden Mode/Stealth Mode
5- B4A VNC Server Done :)

Technology used:
Purely developed in B4J, no external software and external SDKs

Future Technology will be used is B4A which will also be purely developed in B4A only.

Notes :
-For the past 48 hours we have developed the proof of concept and it's working great, full HD, fast, and does what it should which is controlling the remote server side (Host)
-Also we have tested it using RealVNC viewer and it connected to the B4J VNC Server

*If you would like to add any feature please write in this post and we will add them in the next update :)

If you would like to use a small demo of B4J Server & B4J Client please use the below download link (Copy & Paste the URL in your browser) :

Demo notes :
1- B4J Server : We have connected to it using B4J Client + UltraVNC viewer
2- B4J Client : We have connected to B4J Server + UltraVNC Server

B4A VNC Server ! :

B4A VNC Viewer :

To purchase the source codes click on the link below :

As always, Thank You,


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I'm afraid @Saif doesn't respond
A small correction, his username is @sfsameer.

I don't understand....
I wouldn't worry. Saif is changing how his company works, and it's entirely reasonable that can eat a lot of time and focus. Here's his last post, where he explains a bit about this:


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A small correction, his username is @sfsameer.

I wouldn't worry. Saif is changing how his company works, and it's entirely reasonable that can eat a lot of time and focus. Here's his last post, where he explains a bit about this:

Yes sure
However, we must agree on what 'lot of time' means
A few days of absence and answers to questions is understandable
But if several weeks go by without receiving an answer to a technical question, a buyer of a certain product may not receive a good impression.


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How about scrolling? Is the gesture performed "live" or after the gesture is finished on the client?


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The spokesperson for the group that carried out this and other b4x projects has been absent for some time
For projects for which the lack of comprehensive documentation makes human assistance indispensable, it renders the projects themselves unusable
Considering what I wrote above, I would advise you not to create illusions about the possibility of using the purchased projects