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Im thinking on getting this basic4android for programming but actually im am just interested on programming a simple media viewer from sd card or usb hdd device.Sound just like all i need is apps from apps store like explorer,manager etc.

My prob is like this.I am collecting dvd and bluray movie and i copy or ripped it from my disc.I bought Noontec A9 Android Smart TV sometimes in February but i found that the DEFAULT explorer to view file from my USB HDD or SD Card is not good looking.Ive try a lot of free explorer from playstore but most of them dont support file from usb hdd.So i am planning to program a neat looking viewer for my usb hdd device and open the file with any choosen video player apps.I have a little bground in programming(im from BlitzBasic and NuclearBasic community)

My plan:
1.Create a file explorer that will view only Movies file in my USB HDD Drive(normally subtitle file also view)
2.Sort the movies inside it alphabetically automatically
3.Maybe if a put a picture the same name with the movie file,the explorer will show the pic(not the actual movie file)
4.When i touch the pic that represent the file it will bring up android "Open With" so i can choose which player i want to play the movie

So, the explanation quite easy but i dont know how deep the knowledge i need to create this in basic4android.Is this doable as beginner?Or any thing that can help me get started?

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The device have 2 usb port for usb hdd device and 1 slot for sd.Currently i only able to view the file in usb hdd device using the explorer provide by the manufacture and downloaded file manager from playstore are only able to view file in sd card.
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