Android Question Wear APP visible in ambient mode (dim)

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by gezueb, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. gezueb

    gezueb Member Licensed User

    How to set an wear app to remain visible in wear ambient mode?

    I try to program a watch face with b4a. The watch works okay, but it vanishes when the watch times out to ambient mode after 30 seconds or so, and the previuosly selected watch face comes up. I can prevent this with keep_alive(false), but then the battery of the watch is empty after a couple of hours.

    There's a method described here
    , however i cannot figure out how to call this from b4a.

    Any help or solution most appreciated,
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  2. cbanks

    cbanks Active Member Licensed User

    I would also like to know the answer. Once I run my app I don't want it to go back to the main screen unless I swipe to do so. I just want it to stay on my Wear app screen.
  3. Raywingit

    Raywingit Member Licensed User

    Also looking for a way to drop watch into ambient mode without losing the wear app.
    Add to wish-list:
    1/ A watch app with communication both ways using "latest" google-play-services mess.
    2/ Have it drop into ambient mode after a minute idle, and stay there until tapped to wake.

    I put spinners on my watch to set location values and reduced graphics to spider-web,
    but battery still tanks in keep_alive mode.
  4. Raywingit

    Raywingit Member Licensed User

    Found my keep-alive was (True) - changed to (False) and it goes dim, which is what I wanted.
    It pays to dig.
    I also solved an issue with screen brightness (outdoors or indoors) by having a selectable extra bright graphics
    state - now how to control that with a sensor...?
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