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Hi all, trying to connect to a secured https site i receive a message "Please Disable Private surfing and press retry", on normal browser site works. Is it possible to load this site in a webview and what are correct settings to do this?

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Have a look at this thread: http://www.basic4ppc.com/forum/basi...-webview-https-workaround-how.html#post135454

I have a new version of my WebViewExtras library, the new version has a WebViewClient that can handle the onReceivedSslError callback.
(Search that page for ReceivedSslError (SslErrorHandler1 As SslErrorHandler, SslError1 As SslError)).

You can try the 'MyWebViewClient' from the above thread - if it works and you want to update to my new version of WebViewExtras then let me know.
The WebViewExtras solution allows you to allow or disallow each attempt to connect over HTTPS, whereas the MyWebViewClient will blindly allow all HTTPS connections.

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