What are Famous App Ideas in your country ?


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I am always thinking of a good idea but cant find one. An idea in my country may not be yet coded in your country and you can adapt this idea to your country and earn money. So if everybody can point out 1-2 best performing local apps nowadays, we can get some ideas to build maybe.

In My country Turkey, One of the best performing app is Bitaksi. It means stg like One Taxi. It is similar to Uber , where you can push a button to call a taxi, and taxi drivers see your position in their apps and click "accept" so his informaiton ( plate,name,phone) shows up in your screen and your position and mobile number shows up in his phone so he comes and picks you uup. They charge %7 for total of the fee. The taxi drivers puts in the total amount but the app also in backgrounds tracks gps position to compare the price with apps data and taxi driver's input.

If you can also write 1-2 apps, maybe we can give idea to each other :)



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The Uber service looked nice but in a lot of countries the real taxi drivers who pay taxes and other things are protesting against it because most Uber drivers are not doing it in a legal way hence the cheap prizes.


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Uber got trouble in my country too. They said that Uber's value is 41 billion $!!! And I always think it's too much.