What Car or Motorcycle you have?

Douglas Farias

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I am curious, what car or motorcycle you have in your country?
model, price etc. if you dont have , what u car/motorcycle dream? xD

i LOVE this car

is my next car =)


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Hummmmmmm. ..
I had a Clio Manager back when I worked for the Portuguese Cable company, replaced a few years later by a Kangoo.
Had an 2001 Open Carvan in 2004, a 1993 Ford Mondeo in 2006, a 1993 Seat Ibiza in 2007...
A new Toyota Corolla Verso in 2008....
Now I have a 1999 BMW 530d with over 300K kms.

My dream car would be a Classic, like the 1953 Mercedes Ben gulwing 30 sl, the 427 AC Cobra... But i'll content with a not too old BMW 740d


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72 Citroen Diane used
75 Renult R4 used
78 Renault R5 new
83 Ford Escort
89 Mitsubishi Galant
94 Opel Omega
99 Volvo S70
04 Volvo S60
06 Volvo S60
14 VW Tiguan


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No car, no motorbike... only good shoes! :)
And a lot of friends to pick me up if it's really needed..
Oh yes, even a lovely wife with her brand new Hyundai ix35 (which substitutes for former family car, a Citroen Picasso). ;)


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The new model or the old one ?

Car -
2008 4.0 v6.

I am actually in the process of pulling the engine.
A timing chain guide shattered. The problem with this engine?
Some genius thought it was a wise idea to put the right side timing chain in the rear of the engine. This means the only viable way to access it is to pull the engine.
Really? First they produce a brittle piece of plastic that wont last 100,000 miles. Then they decide to put in the most awkward location possible requiring the absolute most possible effort to replace.

So a simple one day job with minimal tools and effort tuns into a major chore. Due to my lack of time the car will be out for a few weeks.
I should of had a v8! One chain in the front. Simple, strait forward, and typical.

The girl -
She looks like a newer model to me. She didn't come with mine when I bought it so I think my car is an older model.:p


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97 Pontiac Bonneville
2008 Ford Mustang


I drive a Honda CRV 02 (or maybe 04, unsure), although I think I want something a little bit larger, such as a GMC Suburban. Problem is, I want a manual gearbox, which, for that model, means aftermarket modifications.

Other vehicles I've owned:

Honda Civic 79 (liked it)
Mazda 626 84 (didn't like it)
Mazda 626 87 (didn't like it)
Pontiac Firebird Formula 87 (loved it)
Honda Civic CRX 87 (loved it)
Hyundai Elantra 94 (hated it)
Volvo BM 222 '63 wheel loader, only 39 made, each of them a different model prototype (loved driving it, hated fixing it...)


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Some genius thought it was a wise idea to put the right side timing chain in the rear of the engine.
I can understand. They did the same with some parts of my Chevrolet too. The guys at GM are pure genius at some points but other still are from Daewoo :) For example: at 8000 Km my motor burned because of the water pump not being firmly secured inside the motor block... They had to replace my motor... And guess what, I have learned thereafter from the Portuguese director that the computer did detect the trouble (saved in the car logs) but the software was not made to send a Code...

so I think my car is an older model.
If you wish, I can come for a photo session (same dress, same heel but I'm brunette) ;)


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If you wish, I can come for a photo session (same dress, same heel but I'm brunette) ;)

That's reason enough to finally buy my personal car! :)
And if you can invite in a couple of pretty girl friends too (a blonde one and a red-haired one) , I'm in for a moto and a bike too..eheh!

Now, anyone volunteering for taking the shots (I'll be along the girls.. ;) ) ?


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