Android Question what is the best protocol for an app with 1m users


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Hi guys,

Imagine an application you want to create for/with 1 million users. What protocol do you use for this volume of connections?

my options for server side are :

  • WebSocket ( jServer library - b4j )
  • MQtt ( I run a broker or MqttClient )
  • Node JS ( my knowledge is weak about it )

What do you think ? jServer (use B4J ) can handle 1m connection ?

my vps server has , 10gb ram , intel i7 processor
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You should use Firebase Push framework to send messages while your app is not running.

Once your app is running then you can use WebSockets + regular handlers to send messages. WebSockets are used for server events and regular handlers can be used to send larger pieces of data.

As your app grows you can add more servers to the backend.