What's on your Start Menu and Taskbar?


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Just curious, how does your Start menu and Taskbar (or Mac/Linux equivalent) look like?
Here's mine:

Taskbar: Windows Explorer, Photoshop CS6, FL Studio 11, B4A 4.00, μTorrent (awrrr!) and Opera.


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I don't use start menus at all. Here is what I use


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Most of the icons I'm not familiar with.
Let's make the tour of the property :
- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Windows Explorer, WinSCP, b4j, b4a,

- Offline Help, Vader's b4a Object Browser

- SublimeText, LiveCode, Serif DrawPlus X6, Riot (excellent image compressor), Photofiltre freeware

- Magix Vidéo Delux 2014, jetAudio and Putty

- Neobook and Clickteam Install Creator

- Hamsphere 4 & Hamsphere 3

- Geminisoft Pimmy, BitDefender, Microsoft OneDrive

Internet Explorer
I still use it to access some CRM and Extranet coded with the Microsoft's way of life....
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Just the basic stuff for coding and gfx/sound editing.

DL is a Java prog I wrote for a website (www.wildcamping.co.uk)
Eye is http://instant-eyedropper.com/ useful for grabbing colours off the screen.
FTP Client is FileZilla
HTML Editor is Kompozer
Msoft Games is Flight Sim X
Sizer is http://www.brianapps.net/sizer/ for setting window size.
SketchUp will probably go when the demo runs out.

I editted the names to make the menus look pretty and to satisfy my OCD ;)
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DrawPlus X6 interests me. How good is it? Do you have any examples you created with it? And how good are you at design?
First, I have to admit that I am not good at design at all. I do use DrawPlus for creating icons, banners, prototype some interfaces.
In my opinion, DrawPlus is under Magix Designer (easier) but this last one is more expensive, reason why I did not bought it for the moment.
I did not renewed DrawPlus which was part of a complete package sold two years ago including most of the Serif's software (I only renewed WebPlus).
One example of icon I had created is attached.



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I think a better indicator is my desktop. It has all the stuff I use the most. So that it's readable, here's a full sized link :


Lots of video and image editing stuff and even some programming related stuff. :)

--- Jem