iOS Question What's the difference between heading and bearing?


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After using B4A I thought that heading was the direction (in degrees) you are facing, and bearing was direction (in degrees) to a target.

The B4i tutorial has only 1 location in it, and the results sometimes give a bearing. What is this bearing??

The reason I ask is because I'm trying to do a bearingTo.

This is the bearing code in the tutorial:
lblBearing.Text = ValueOrNA (Location1.Bearing, 1, Chr(176))

I thought that changing location1 to targetLocation would work. I don't think it does, so I think I don't understand bearing.
I think I've set up my targetLocation ok because
works fine.

I am aware of the other thread about this here and am currently going through it trying to understand what is going on. eg what the variable cPI is (edit in case anyone else gets here looking for cPI - this is the B4x constant for Pi)
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