Android Question When app is run for 2nd time, breakpoints don't work


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I have a few breakpoints in my large app and they don't work the 2nd time the app is run. I have to unclick the line with the break point and click it again to set the breakpoint to get it to stop on that line.

I am using 7.80 but it was also a problem in 7.30.
It is only happening on my large app, so is there a way I can clear or delete the file where the breakpoints are stored? (The file storing the breakpoints may be corrupt).


Peter Simpson

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Different in my case, my apps appears to only install on my main device every other attempt even though it says it been installed (nothing actually happens). I've even tried cleaning the project before every run but still the same.

I should really create a new post about this, but nah. Annoying yes, but I've not really looked into the matter fully as yet.
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